Manual 3 important articles by Mohammed Raj (Total words: 11,766) (direct dawah (invitation) series)

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Ass Porno Haley Kalil nudes 71 images , Twitter, panties. Sex Dating Do you want to meet her? Porno Haley Kalil naked 53 pics Is a cute, , braless. Porno Haley Kalil nude 17 fotos Boobs, , bra. Density of the population, Gaya, 30, 31 ; Shahabad, , Deo, village in Gaya, Deodlia, village in Gaya, Dhakaya Kaian, town in Shahabad, Dhangaon, thana in Shahabad, , , Dhangars, an aboriginal tribe in Shahd- bacl, Dhoba, or Kao river, Dhobi, village in Gaya, Dhola, village in Gaya, Digwars, or village policemen in Gaya,. Dinarah, pargami in Shahabad, Diseases, Gaya, ; Shahabad, , Dispensaries in Gaya, , ; Shalia- bad, Domestic animals of Gaya, 95, 96; of Shahabad, Dosddhs in Shahabad, , Drainage, Lines of, Gaya, 25 ; Shahabad, Drowning, Deaths by.

Dumb, Number of. See Deaf and Dumb. Dumraon, town and thina in Shahabad, , , , , s8j Durmri, town in Shahabad, Dwdkhds, town in Shahabad, Dwellings of the people, Gaya, 75 ; Shahabad, , E East India Railway; Shahabad, Educational statistics, Gaya, ; Shahabad, Ekil, pargana in Gaya, Eklaspur, town in Shahabad, 2O3. Ekwari, town in Shahabad, Endemics and Epidemics.

Sec Diseases.

Enhancement of rent. See Rent-Law. Erannoboas, ancient name of the Son river, q. Expenditure and revenue, Gaya, ; Shahabad, Exports from Gaya, ; from Shahabad, , , F Fairs in Gaya, , ; in Shahabad, , Sec Sex. Fenr nature: of Gaya. Fiscal divisions parganas , Gaya, - ; Shahabad, , Fishes of Gaya, 24, 25 ; of Shahabad, Fisheries in Gaya, 23, 24; in Shahabad, l6 Fishing castes and communities, Gaya, 23 ; Shahabad, Fishing, Modes of, Gaya, Floods in Gaya, ; in Shahabad, , - , , Food of the people, Gaya, 75, 76; Shahabad, , Foreign landf ids, Gaya, in, ; Shahabad, Forest Trees of Gaya, 26, Fruit-trees of Gaya, 87 ; of Shahabad, - , , , Furniture of the people, Shahabad, , G Games.

See Amusements. Ganges river, , Gaptiswar,' The. Gareri caste in Shahabad, Garhani, town in Shahabad, Gaya parganA, Gaya town and thdna, 17, 31,, Gayawals, a class of Brahmans, 35 38, Godld caste in Shababad, Gobindpur mart in Gaya, Goh, pargdnd in Gaya, Gondi, town in Shababad, Government estate in Gaya, , Green crops, Gaya, 86 ; Sluilidbad, H TIauharganj, town in Shababad, , Hasiid, town in Gaya, 42, 60, Hatampur, town in Shababad, Hills of Gaya, 19; of Shababad, , Hill passes in Shababad, Holdings, Size of.

Houses of the people See Dwellings. Houses, Number of, Gaya, 30, 31 ; Sha- lidbdd, See Cultivators. Imdmganj, mart in Gaya, Immigration, See Emigration. Implements of agriculture, Gaya, 96; Shahabad, Incomes and income tax, Gaya, , ; Shahabad, Indigenous drugs. See Drugs. See Floods.

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Institutions, Local, Gaya, ; Shahabdd, , Iron in Gaya, 25, J JagiWspur town, in Shahabad, Jahanabad subdivision, Gaya, 31,, if 3 ; , Jahanabad, town and tliana in Gaya, 31, 42, 56, 57, - Jahanabad, town in Shahabad, Jail manufactures, Gaya, ; Shahabad, , Jail statistics, General, Gaya, ; Shaluibad, 27S Jains in Gaya, 39, Janukeah system of indigo cultivation in Shahabad, , Jangal l awa, town in Shahabad, Jungle products, Gaya, 26, 27; Shahabad, Jurisdictions, Gaya, 18; Shahabad, Jute cultivation, Shahabad, K Kabar, fargana in Gaya, Kadirganj mart in Gaya, Kaimur hills in Shahabad, , , , , , Kao river, Karamnassa river, the accursed stream of the Hindus, , Karl Sath, town in Shahabad, Karsand, town in Shahabad, Kalhia, town in Shahabad, Kawakhol mart in Gaya, Kayasth caste in Shahabad, Kesat, town in Shahabad, Khudkasht land tenures, Gaya, Koasa, or Koatli, town in Shahabad, Koeri caste in Shahabad, Koelwar, railway station in Shahabad, Kols, an aboriginal tribe in Shahabad, Konch village in Gaya, Kora IColiera river, Kudra river, Ki'mtht system of indigo cultivation in Shahabad, , Kurakvihar hill, Gaya, Kurand, town in Shahabad, Land, Kent of.

See Kent. Landless labouring classes, Shaluibad, , Lepers, Number of, Gaya, 32 ; Shahabad, 1S3. Long-stemmed rice.

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See Rice. Loss of life by drowning, wild beasts, and snakes. M Mahair, par gait A in Gaya, Maher hill, Gaya, Majhianwan, iJtami in Gaya, See Sex. Manorab, pargand in Gaya, Marshes in 5 hahabad, Masar, village in Shahabad, , Material condition of the people. See Condition. Measures and Weights, Gaya, ; Shahabad, Meteorological Statistics, Gaya, , ; Shahabad, Minerals, Gaya, 25, 26; Shahabad, 1 79 - Missionary efforts in Gaya, 39, Mithila, town in Shahabad, See Vital Statistics. See I tills. Mokri, town in Shahabad, Mosoa, town in Shahabad, Mugliuls in Shahabad, Muhammadans, Gaya, 30, 37, 39, 40; Shahabad, , , 20J, Municipal Police.

See Police. Municipalities in Shahabad, , , Musahars, an aboriginal tribe in Gaya, 37, 38 ; in Shababad, 19S. See Muhammadans. Musical Instruments, Gaya, Si. N Nabinngar, thina, in Gaya, 31, Nainijor, town in SluiliAbad, Nanor, pargand in Sliahabad, 2S6.

Narliat, pargand in Gaya, Nasriganj, town in Sliahabad, , 20S, , Native Christians, in Gaya, 39, Native physicians, Gaya, Nats in Sliahabad, Nawada, town in Sliahabad, Nawada subdivision, Gaya, 31, , Naya Bazar, town in Sliahabad, Newspapers, Gaya, Nimnij, town in Sliahabad, Nokha, town in Sliahabad, Nonkha, thina in Sliahabad, , , Occupancy rights.

See Kent-Law. Oil-seeds, Cultivation of, in Gaya, 89 91; in Shababad, , Okri, pargand in Gaya, , Operation of the Rent-Law of Bengal. Sec Rent-Law.

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Opium, Cultivation of, in Gaya, 91, 92 ; in Shababad, Orivvan, town in Shababad, Ornaments worn by the people, Shaba- bad, I'ahdra, pargand in Gaya, , Pdhikasht land tenures in Gaya, Pin cultivation in Gaya, 93; in Shaba- bad, Panwar, pargand in Sliahabad, Paper, Manufaeturc of, in Gaya, ,; in Shababad, , Palana village in Shababad, Pathans in Shababad, See Primary Education. Patna canal, 22, Pilgrimages, Gaya, 44 Pirn, thduA in Shababad, 1S2, , Pint, pargand in Sliahabad, Police statistics, general, Gaya, ; Sliahabad, Postal statistics, Gaya, , ; Shaha- Bad, , 2S4.

Pot-stone quarry in Gaya, Prices and wages, Gaya, 97, 98 ; Sbaba- Hd, Primary education in Gaya, ; in Shababad, 2SS3. Protection to persons and property. See Courts. Funpuu rive a 20, See Bhars. Railway, East India, Sliahabad, Rainfall in Gaya, I47 ; in Sliahabad, 2S7. Rajpur, town in Shababad, Rajwars, an aboriginal tribe in Gaya, 37, 38; ill Slialuibad, Rent-free tenures, Gaya. Rent-law, Operation of, Gaya, , , ; Shahabad, , Rent of land, Rates of, Gaya, , ; Shahabad, , Revenue and expenditure, Gaya, ; Shahabad, Rice crops and cultivation, Gaya, S4 ; Shahabad, Rice, Long-stemmed, in Shahabad, Rice plant, Names of, at different stages, Gaya, 84 ; Shahabad, Rice, Preparations of, Gaya, Rice, Varieties of, Gaya, 83; Shahabad, Rights of occupancy.

Rivers of Gaya, ; of Shahabad, River traffic, Gaya, 23; Shahabad, - Roads in Gaya, , ; in Shahabad, Road traffic, Gaya, 11S, Rob, pargand in Gaya, Rohtas, pargand in Shahabad, 2S7. Robtasgarh, Ruins of, in Shahabad, Rural police.

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Sadr subdivision of Gaya, 31, , ; of Shahabad, , , 2S4, Safflower, Cultivation of, in Shahabad, , Sahsram, town in Shahabad, Sakardi, town in Shahabad, Sakmer, town in Shahabad, Saltpetre, Manufacture of, in Gaya, Samal, pargand in Gaya, Sanant, pargand in Gaya, See Conservancy. Sasseram, pargand. Sasseram, subdivision in Shahabad, , , Sdtghar caves in Gaya, 58, Sayyids in Shahabad, See Educational Statistics. Serfs, Rural. See Slavery. Sex, Population classified according to, Gaya, 30; Shahabad, , Shalipur, town in Shahabad, Shaikhs in Shahabad, Shergarli, Ruins of, in Shahabad, Sherghaii, town and thdnd in Gaya, 31 42, 53, Sinha, town in Shahabad, Siris, pargana in Gaya, Size of holdings.

Slavery in Gaya, 72, See 1 eaths. Soap, Manufacture of, in Shahabad, , Soil of Gaya, 18; of Shahabad, , - Sonar caste, in Shahabad, , Son bridge, Soil canal, 22, 23, Soil river, 19, Spare land. See Land. Sugar-cane cultivation in Gaya, 92, 93; in Shahabad, , Sugar, Manufacture of, Shahabad, Supahi, town in Shahabad, Sura river, , Suraj Mandil, temple in Gaya, Surajpura, town ill Shahabad, Tantf caste in Shahabad, Tehta, village in Gaya, Temperature of Gaya, ; of Shahabad, Tilothii village in Shahabad, , See Commerce.

Tungi mart in Gaya, V Vaccination in Gaya, Varieties of rice. Village dues and cesses, Shahabad, Village officials and institutions, Gaya, ; Shahabad, Village watch. Vital statistics, Shahabad, , Warisuliganj mart in Gaya, Waste land.

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Wazirganj, village and mart in Gaya, Weights and Measures, Gaya, ; Shahabad. District of GayA — continued.

See a Problem?

The People — continued. The Famine of ,. Means of Communication, Manufactures, Commerce, etc. District of Shaiiabad— continued. Topography and General Aspects— continued. Physical Aspect, Hills,. Population, including the Census of ,. List of Castes, List of Crops, Soils,. District of Shahabad— continued. Agriculture— continued : Indigo Cultiyr. Cultivated Area, Out-turn of Crops, etc.

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Condition of the Peasantry,. Weights and Measures, Land Tenures,. Rotation of Crops, Natural Calamities,. Blights and Floods, The Famine of , The Famine of , Famine Warnings,. Commerce and Trade, Capital and Interest, Local Institutions, District of S hah a bad — continued. They may be addressed to me, at the India Office, Westminster. The local weights and measures are given in detail at pp.

In such cases the reconversion from the English equivalents may be effected with sufficient accuracy in accordance with the following tables:— MONEY.