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It seems the date is wrong; should be 1st Iyyar. The right date does even worse. It is instructive to note that the rabbi contributing most strongly to the Statistical Science result is But from a theological point of view, why should one be impressed by correlations that are surprising only "on average," and not in every case? The same point may be illustrated another way.

In each, every sage was paired with the date of a sage chosen randomly from the list, and the distance between the names and those dates was computed. When the original, correct list of distances was compared to the , random lists, "the correct list achieved one of the first places" fourth place, according to WRR in this race among one million contestants. This means that three of the lists in which the sages were mostly paired with the wrong dates did better!

In those three lists, the sages and the dates were closer than they are in the correct list.

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From a mathematical point of view it is interesting that the correct list did as well as it did better than , other lists , since there was no a priori reason to expect it to do so. But from a theo-logical point of view, a test in which mostly incorrect lists perform better than the correct one seems meaningless. If God arranged the text so as to pair the sages with their dates, why would He have paired most rabbis more closely with incorrect dates than with correct ones?

Returning to the subject of textual criticism, MBBK re-ran WRR's experiment on the list of 32 sages based on the text of Genesis in the Koren edition and then on six other editions of the MT whose differences from Koren were listed by Prof. The numbers under "Rank" mean that if one compares the correct dates to 10,, random permutations of the dates, the correct dates perform 6th best, 19th best, th best, etc.

The Bible "Codes" -- A Textual Perspective

Note that the other texts do much worse than Koren, but that even in Koren the correct dates do not perform best. In other words, there is no known text of the Torah in which the list with the correct dates does best! Fragments from 14 different manuscripts of Genesis have been found at Qumran, from the last two centuries B. They differ from the MT in different degrees.

Extrapolating from variants in these fragments, each of the manu-scripts when complete would have differed from the MT by hundreds of letters. Experiments show that deletion of 10 letters in random places is enough to de-grade the result by an average factor of , and 50 letters are enough to eliminate it completely.

WRR's first list [the 34 sages - J. Ten letters deleted in random places are on average enough to eliminate its significance altogether. This conclusion has catastrophic consequences for any theory that "codes" in the original text have survived until today. MBBK argue that WRR's results, to the extent that they seem interesting at all, are due to flaws in their research methods.

There are numerous possible forms of each rabbi's name and acronym that could have been used, 46 and numerous possible ways to write their dates. This strongly suggests, they argue, that WRR's choices may have been made not in an unbiased way, but precisely in order to enhance their results. Kennedy, and Martin Luther King, Jr. He and Bar-Natan also ran a version of the "famous sages" experiment on the first part of the Hebrew translation of Tolstoy's War and Peace, equal in length to Genesis.

They followed the procedures used by WRR on Genesis, and achieved the same degree of success. That such results can be found in so many texts, including texts for which no one claims divine authorship, is not unexpected.

Hidden-Truths Hebraic Scrolls Torah Compendium Study Guide (ebook)

It has long been known that striking pat-terns can be found in all kinds of large masses of data. The basic method, as mentioned above, consists primarily of finding words formed of ELSs. What usually happens is that the computer will be "instructed" to look for a word. When the word is located, it is found to consist of letters spaced at equidistant intervals.

As mentioned, the name Yitzhak Rabin is formed by letters appearing letters apart. Then the computer is instructed to lay out all the , letters of the Torah Koren edition in an array consisting of 64 rows of letters, so that Rabin's name appears in a vertical row. Then the computer displays the nearest segment of the array, a square consisting of ca.

This segment resembles the grid of a "Word Hunt" puzzle see Fig. Since the horizontal lines consist of Biblical verses, they can be searched by the naked eye. That's how the phrase "murderer who will murder" was found. For example, if one asks ask the computer to find the name of Rabin's assassin nearby, it will do so a mere two lines above -- but with two hitches. As one can see from Fig. What is more, if one changes the width of the array, the phrase "murderer who will murder" will still be found in its place, but Rabin's name will now appear in a diagonal line with the letters separated from each other by two horizontal columns and one vertical see Fig.

And if one does this, one will also find nearby the name of Netanyahu and the phrase "all his people to war," an ominous prediction of what Netanyahu might do. This willingness to change the distance between letters for different parts of the same message, to read words horizontally, vertically, diagonally, upside down and backwards, all within the same message -- procedures that are found on every page of the Bible code books -- gives the impression of arbitrariness and manipulation of the data.

Hidden Truths Hebraic Scrolls Complete Small Font with Commentary

Nowhere do the decoders show these choices to be based on any objective, systematic method. A "Word Hunt" grid. Another key element of the procedures is to ignore the spaces between the words. By running all the letters of the Torah together, they can then be redivided into different words to produce new messages.

Did Jesus fulfill messianic prophecy?

For example, in Fig. In an array that spans Exodus Deuteronomy , some letters are lifted from parts of the words in God's declaration "You will be My people. Truly, by such methods one can produce messages not only undreamed of by the Torah, but contrary to its most fundamen-tal, monotheistic, teaching. Likewise problematic are other methods used in interpreting these alleged messages.

First, the messages consist of disconnected words and phrases with no syntactic connection, which leaves them equivocal. For example, the intersecting phrases "Yitzhak Rabin" and "murderer who will murder" could mean "a murderer will kill Rabin" or "Rabin is a murderer. Another message consists of the phrases "Hitler," "evil man," "Nazi and enemy," and "slaughter.

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President but he was kicked out. Then there are messages that do not come true. In time-honored fashion, they are ra-tionalized or reinterpreted. Near the supposed prediction of Rabin's assassination Drosnin found the words "all his people to war," which he took to predict an atomic holocaust after Rabin's death pp. Eventually, he settled for the bus bombings as the fulfillment of the prediction "all his people to war" p. Finally, those parts of the messages produced by reading the letters of the horizontal lines in their actual sequence are not produced by equidistant letter sequences, but by arbitrari-ly selecting certain letters as part of the message and ignoring the rest.

This is a very important point: the choice of which letters and words to include in a message is not based on an objec-tive, scientific method, such as considering only words composed of equidistant letters -- it is, rather, subjective and arbitrary. For example, citing again the passage intersecting with Rabin: that passage is from Deuteronomy , but Drosnin ignores the words immediately following "a murderer who will murder.

This is because the verse deals with the cities of refuge where accidental killers can find asylum.

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In this case, then, the message would refer to an accidental killing of or by Rabin and it would therefore be wrong. Another message p. It includes the phrase "fire, great noise," but overlooks the fact that the letters which make up those two words are actually part of a larger phrase from Genesis which says: "under the terebinth that was near Shechem.

What did their author hope to achieve by encoding them? They become no better than the Delphic oracles who told Croesus that if he attacked the Persians he would destroy a mighty empire.

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On a personal level, Drosnin regularly insists that he is not religious and does not believe in God, which puts him in the bizarre position of wanting the Israeli government to act on the disastrous messages that he finds encoded in the Bible while he personally disregards the messages that are stated there plainly! Perhaps this is connected with Drosnin's suggestion that the true source of the Bible is an advanced alien, extraterrestrial intelligence [pp. Rips and Witztum are religious Jews who at least live in harmony with their theories.

Furthermore, they vigorously deny that the Bible codes can be used to predict the future. But all of these gentlemen base their computations on an unreliable textual base which evidence suggests was not the original text of the Torah, and all of them strain the credibility at least of the layman by changing the size of the ELSs for different parts of each message or pattern, and by reading words horizontally, vertically, diagonally, upside down and backwards, giving the impression of arbitrariness and manipulation of the data.

Their case, therefore, is not convincing. In preparing and revising this paper I benefited from helpful suggestions and information kindly provided by Profs. Leiman, B.

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