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Meat is great with mustard on a brioche toast for many guests. I am a major fan of honeycomb. There are so many other things including hummus, olives, pate, and pretty much anything else that you think would be fun, fitting, and delicious for your board. I have so many different sized boards and in different materials from slate to wood to marble. The last thing I want to do at midnight or later is scrape dried-on brie off my expensive marble board so parchment is my friend.

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Use what you have, can afford, and is size and shape-appropriate for the event. For instance, I use cheaper old wood cutting boards that I line with parchment and then bring out to my backyard parties and save my fancy and ultra-heavy marble for indoor and fancier parties. The board shown is an Etsy purchase from 5 years ago that worked out well for this party.

In terms of food quantity, you know your guests and it also depends on the rest of your menu. However, in my experience people tend to eat more cheese and meat than you think they will, at least my apparently very hungry friends and family members do. Recipe from Averie Cooks. All images and content are copyright protected.

Please do not use my images without prior permission. If you want to republish this recipe, please re-write the recipe in your own words, or simply link back to this post for the recipe. Thank you. From prosciutto to manchego and everything in between, this board has ALL the goodies!


Another amazing looking cheese board!! I have been able to try so many different cheeses, spreads, and cured meats since Kroger put their cheese shop in. They have multiple samples out daily and if I am curious about something they will just cut me a piece to try. I have come to love strong, bold cheeses and a few of the employees know that about me. I need to find the manchego you are referring to. The Manchego is amazing! Sooo good too!

How to Assemble a Cheese Board

So many great tips here! I LOVE cheese boards and would also be happy with this as a meal! So good! Totally pinning this! Great ideas and a gorgeous looking platter! Have a few cheeses you might love if you want to try something new. All three of these could be a little polarizing because they are very distinct and flavorful. However, they are a home run for adventurous eaters!

What to buy for a Cheese Board?

You have to love the truffle flavor though. The ale makes it tangy. We were blown away. I was on the lookout for one and found this brand and Kroger and loved it! We love the Marcona almonds too! Thanks for the tip about the rosemary ones from Amazon! Love the fig jam too! Awesome post! Thanks for sharing! Thanks for pinning and for your unique cheese recommendations. I will keep an eye out for those. This post, was making my mouth water. I eat cheese plate for dinner about times a month. Katie Lee loads up frozen crinkle-cut fries with all the toppings for game day.

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Cook Smarter The best way to keep guacamole green, revealed. Healthy Recipes to Eat Better Today. Make-ahead Monday: Joy Bauer makes easy, healthy, kid-friendly recipes. I find that people gravitate toward brie at my parties. That may just be my friends and guests major brie fiends but I can have a myriad of other cheeses out but the brie is always the first to go.

Because of this I always include two different kinds of French brie. If I know I have guests who like goat cheese soft , I will also include one even though there are already two kinds of brie soft, soft. The honey neutralizes some of the tanginess which I appreciate. Other favorite hard cheeses include pecorino, Parmesan, and washed-rind cheeses such as Toscano varieties. A really complex lovely flavor profile that I adore. I arrange my cheeses vertically down my platter before adding anything else. Meat can never compare with cheese for me.

The end. Pick your favorite prosciutto, chorizo, salami, speck, pepperoni, salami, and the various cured meats that you love. I usually grab about 2 to 3 packs of meat that looks interesting to me that day.

I find that the more meat I buy, the more my guests will consume. So I tend to set a budget and buy what I think is appropriate and be done. This is highly variable based on the season. Apple wedges and figs are great in the fall, pomegranate seeds in the winter, pears in the springs, stone fruit and berries in the summer. I could eat my weight in dried fruit.

Dried apricots, raisins, craisins, sun-dried tomatoes, mango, you name it, I love it. Use your faves and if you already have lots of fresh fruit, skip the dried fruit if you think no one will miss it. I arrange the fresh and dried fruit strategically around the board depending on where I think each color looks nice. Tip — break your grapes into small bunches. There is nothing better than a salty, savory nut mix. The more you eat, the more you want. On this board I added a trail mix with cashews, almonds, raisins, and craisins.

Sorry regular almonds.

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They are pricey buggers and a splurge, but worth it. Pistachios are always delish. I have a love-hate relationship with pistachios in the shell. For that reason sometimes I choose unshelled pistachios to put out.

How To Make The Best Cheese Board - Averie Cooks

I am a cracker snob. I am annoying and I admit it. Tip — Keep the gluten-free crackers in their own area and separate from the gluten-containing crackers for obvious reasons. I always include mini brioche toasts or mini French bread rounds.