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Start a conversation. Social media is helpful, but it could be detrimental depending on how you use it. Making your bed in the morning, and doing a quick two-minute wipe down in your kitchen at night, will make you feel better and in control of your life. Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project, says her research for the book revealed that bed-making is one of the keystone habits of happy people.

Reminisce the good old days with a friend, your mom or sis. Remembering your crazy antics, and most embarrassing moments caught on camera will fill you with nostalgic memories and drive away loneliness. Get a camera, then go out and start taking beautiful pictures of things around you.

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A sunset, a barking dog, or a laughing baby—filling your life with beautiful things can take your mind off of loneliness. The point is to get yourself moving, while trying something new in the supportive environment of a group class. Sometimes, it can help you identify why you feel lonely in the first place.

~how i'm feeling~

Ted Talks are inspiring and informative. Nothing beats loneliness and overwhelm like planning a great holiday vacation. Looking up flights, hotel deals and stuff to do on a random faraway location will boost your spirits and steer your mind off your negative thoughts. Wondering how to not feel lonely, when you actually prefer to be alone?

Lauv, Anne-Marie - fuck, i'm lonely (Lyrics)

Getting bored is a prerequisite of feeling lonely. Having nothing to do. So keep yourself occupied! Try a new recipe. Create a scrapbook. Dress up like a tourist, and do all the cheesy touristy things in your city. Tags: how to not feel lonely loneliness.

I think about others; about their troubles and how I could help them. I clean house. I sit outside and listen to birds. I actually am alone a lot, but spend about 3 hours a week being totally over-peopled. I find being alone a gift. But if loneliness does hit me? I live alone and have no family. I like to drive out into natire with my dog and we go to the woods, to Wales or to local parks. I watch a good film and have a great collection of dvds.

I'm Lonely by Jon Waltz | Free Listening on SoundCloud

I also have some pen pals abroad. I like my own company and space. I do not have to cook or clean for anyone although it would be nice to have a partner to do things with. I watch iplayer or some Prime movies in bed sometimes and love gardening. I occasionally meet up with friends. Having a dog whom i really love really helps as he is family and we are a team. I love having time for me and peace and quiet. It is a great luxury in a hectic stressful world. Often articles on this topic can be flaccid and unhelpful. This was wonderfully written and full of practical advice.

But loneliness and emptiness certainly sets in when people are not challenged in any way. Boredom produces phobias and fears and those are naturally avoided often in self destructive ways such as: excessive drinking, extreme changes to fit in to a social group, extreme reliance on other people or relationships, excessive eating or spending.

Enjoy making mistakes, learning from them and hone the skill of staying curious and open. This kind of activity does more than give you a diverse and exciting social experience, it should also give you the incredibly satisfying feeling of being part of the human race, with much to give and more to learn and then loneliness should becomes nothing but a rare and fleeting thought and the world gains a little more life. Thank you, I am feeling lonely because even when I go to an event with people I half-know, I feel lonely and self-pitying. But still, I need to give the world more life, by struggling to keep excitement and meaning in my life.

Having been in a relationship for over 20 years with someone less than ideal…. But sometimes being alone can feel to me like having no roots, nothing to hold onto, and drifting without any point in being alive, because of not having anyone… except my parents and siblings…. The most difficult challenge is to find real and lasting solutions to loneliness. If one gets into a depressive slump, it becomes almost impossible to escape. Helping others helps me.

Dear Trish: It seems you overthink romantic situations and perhaps are trying too hard to impress

Andrew, I agree with you if only there was a way to help with world loneliness maybe there is an answer out there we all just have to keep searching. I am so proud of myself! I keep telling myself how thankful that I should be for all the blessings, but sometimes that darkness takes over. Perhaps some people just keep to themselves — not me — I tell everyone!

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  • Not that I want sympathy — just appreciate when others open up with their feelings. I guess I need caring people around me. I remember feeling this way, even as a child.

    People who are not alone and who have kids, and family, will never understand the pain of being alone someone said it shorten your life this is true you have a feeling and your head and in your heart to be wanted if it is not adding up to what you feel you should be treated you will get down on yourself.

    The helping others in need is very helpful. Now most of the time my loneliness comes from a lack of not being in a romantic relationship. Praying and reading the bible helps…. I completely understand where youre coming from. I was adopted at birth but niether family clames me even rho im a pretty good kid. Holidays are so hard and everyone says they understand when they dont and that theyre you fam when their not in the long run.

    Me too. For loneliness trying new things helps. What really helps is taking a walk, going to church to mingle with people, striking up a conversation with a stranger on the buss, writing letters to people. There were a few good ones. I am a chronically lonely person, and I usually do the cafe thing in the morning, or afternoon just to be around people. I am considered a handsome gent with a lot to offer, but for some reason, I am usually feeling lonely.

    The cafe is a good one. I am writing this from a cafe, and yep, I am lonely-maybe this is why I am writing this long ridiculous note. I tend to sleep with women more often than I should- not to feel good about my sex life, but because I have a warm body next to me, so I hold that random person-then when they leave, I am back to being lonely. If you are into traveling, the next time you go somewhere, stay in a hostel-its hard not to converse with people in those. I have met a lot of people from all over the world in Hostels and continue to remain friends with a lot of them.

    I just had a friend visit me from Ireland whom I met in a hostel in Galway last year. Hi,, I can relate to what you are saying, I was widowed just over a year ago.

    I’m Lonely

    Im comfortable in my own skin and I have a good fulltime job.. My loneliness is escalating. I have been a widow for 17 months and people want me to be over him. Of course none of them are widows. I am 65 still working full time have 2 dogs who I adore and a very old cat. Their spouse came home, their mom called etc. Good luck to everyone else n this site. I pray you fine whatever will work for you.

    The moment I saw watch friends I knew this post was meant for me to see. Thank you. I move around a lot, and well it gets tiring making friends. A lot of the time loneliness creeps back in. I really think this will help me. I have also always wanted to see a movie just on my own, so maybe I could try 5.