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If one thing needs a memcache and one thing needs a Redis, we use exactly the right technology for that service. For machine learning and interesting analytics, Automatic does everything with Spark.

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The ODB-II standard doesn't detect what kind of gas the car is using, so Automatic used analytics based on the ideal gas law to figure it out. Moreover, by hooking into GPS, they can tell which gas station you went to and how much the gas cost. The company is also trying to use its analytics for the greater good and identify dangerous intersections before they become dangerous. Automatic is also starting to look at drag and load based on the ideal physical model of your car. Based on this, they can make recommendations and tell you how much it costs to keep your bowling ball in your car.

You'd be better off leaving your car running the whole time than making those short trips. So I bought one. Andrew C. Oliver is manager of technical enablement at Lucidworks, a provider of enterprise search solutions.

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The Automatic app records your driving habits and makes recommendations to raise your MPG. Get expert insights from our member-only Insider articles. He thought I was crazy, and to some extent I am. A friend of mine, Mike Kamo, decided to do the experiment with me. His results were astonishing as well.

But before I get into the results Mike saw, let me show you how he dressed a year ago…. Mike came from a car dealership world, and he specializes in sales and sales management.

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While attending tech events, he consistently got compliments on his clothes, and a few of those people hired him to help them build their sales teams and fine-tune the process. He did this on a revenue-sharing model, and it worked so well that he started to hit six figures in monthly income.

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  • He has always been a confident and outgoing person. He usually drives a Mazda, but one of his buddies, who owns a Lamborghini dealership, asked him if he would buy a car as a favor. And if they hit that number, Lamborghini was going to give them a big check for moving volume. The dealership was willing to lose money on the car, so Mike bought it. Like most of us would do, he decided to drive it for a bit and post a few pictures of it online. Can you guess what happened after he did that?

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    He received Facebook requests from business owners. Most of them wanted him to invest in their businesses, but five of them offered Mike a portion of their business in exchange for advice. If you want to run the same experiment, you can do so on the cheap.

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    I went to the extreme as I tend to do a bit too often. The most important part about fashion is how well the clothes fit you. Clothes being one of those things.

    If it were up to me, I would wear that all day… including in business meetings. And to be honest, I never thought clothes cost that much either.

    50 Ideas for a Lucrative Side Hustle

    How fancy clothes can make you more money People believe what they see. But could it just be me? To make the experiment even more interesting, Mike recently purchased a Lamborghini. Conclusion If you want to run the same experiment, you can do so on the cheap.

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