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It is saying that the mass majority of non blacks all others are prejudice toward and suppressing black people. There is prejudice toward and suppression of people of color but not by ALL other races and it is a minority that is making the whole batch look bad. They are the dumb sheep further being led unaware by a certain few and it is fear of the black man that is the root cause of this historical atrocity. The majority on the other hand even in disagreement have turned a blind eye toward their fellow men. And since we have been lied to and manipulated then we were manipulated to be?

Not designed that way. And that is why a raging supremacist can have a repenting awakening. All other races have been genetically modified. Please do not take my word for it, research this info yourself! I am very impressed by you, as it is difficult for me to find inspiration in my fellow man in these times.

Thank you for being a glimmer of hope to me and the others that were touched by your profound message of waking up to that which unites us. Peace and good fortune unto you. Commonsense seems to lack any… just sayin The Jews and Egyptians shared many words and common phrases from ancient times… Amen most likely originated from their god Amun.. We are not balanced. So we behave in the manner befitting the condition we are in.

Our master says you are what we teach therefore we know how to reach and control you. You sound like Donald Trump!

Matthew 5:18 NABRE

I will add to that, most of the ten commandments came from the Egyptian Maat. The Hebrews were in Egypt for several hundred years and adopted many of the Egyptian ways. But they never fully integrated with the Egyptians and were eventually kicked out by the Egyptians from the Upper Nile. Maat and Amen have been around for thousands of years even before the Hebrews wrote the old testament.

U are right the word amen means a diety god it is evil its apart of the ancient evil of idolizing. I believe you are correct. All of us saying g the word after our prayers is somehow glorifying him. I tend to agree with you on this theory. Tut — mose story in Egyptian is similar to the story and timeline of Moses in the Bible. Amen-Amun Rah is an Egyptian God. I believe people are in danger by using words that originally are something else.

Writing the final 'Amen' - :

The world has been Decieved by the serpent the devil they call Satan. He has used words to decieve us. I been doing a lot of research and it has blown my mind. Everyone needs to go to the scriptures and research every word. The Bible has been tampered with throughout the ages. The word God is a pagan title. Satan is the God of this world.

And Lord litterly means Baal. Beelzebub Satan Christians are praying to the wrong deity. Which all goes back to the Egyptian model of Amen-Ra. Amen is the unknowable and presumed to be all powerful entity behind the Sun. If you read the article it says it gos back before egyption days and there iz no connection. The Atlantis Age was before Egypt… when Atlantis was destroyed they boarded boats and landed on the continent of Africa where there were barbarians roaming the land.

The Atlantians started the knowlege Of Egypt that we still see today on the walls……. You are incorrect. Not using it in the sense of let it Be done….. The Rabbis Kabbish. Make his great name bro exulted and sanctified Congregation says Amen.. May he give rain to his kingship in your life times and in your days, And in the lifetimes of the entire family of Israel, swiftly and soon.

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Now respond Amen. May his great name be blessed forever and ever. Upon Israel, upon the teachers, their disciples, and all their disciples and upon all those who engage in the study of Torah who are in this place or anywhere else; May they and do you have abundant peace, grace, kindness, and mercy, long life, ample nourishment, and salvation from before their father who is in heaven And on earth. Now respond: Amen cong. Cong- May there be abundant peace from heaven, and good life, upon us and upon all Israel.

Now respond comment Amen. Look it up in Egyptian Pantheon Mythology.

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I think you may be the only one that actually did research to find the truth as it is quite easy to find it. It is everywhere. Some folks just need to actually do the full research. The people of Kemet did not use vowels so no one can definitively say which spelling is correct. Be careful where you are checking your facts. Ultimately, it would be best to go back to the hieroglyphs and see for yourself. Can we please stop believing in all of these gods?

There probably is no god. Start living your lives people.

Everyone needs to think about why they believe what they do, somewhere along the timeline of their lives there were many influences that molded their beliefs. Is a concept for which no evidence exist.

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We can see it, hear it and mathematically calculate it. It also happens to be, among all the cosmological theories, the one that more closely can be associated with creationism. In fact, a priest was the one first coming up with the Big Bamg theory which was called like that as a sign of ridicule.

Paul is free to be a believer, as are you to believe in whatever you believe. I would just ask, do you believe in love, kindness, goodness, compassion, self-discipline? But as I have read this reply months later others too may come across it. So here it goes:.

Tarja Turunen - 500 letters (Acústico)

Are you saying that anything Science cannot yet explain is a sign of the Divine? Science and reason have divested much of life of the magical and mysterious. Sometimes I too think it is too bad because some of the fables are indeed beautiful. However, given the choice of knowing and not knowing, I prefer to know. Rather than imagine a god behind the sound of thunder, I prefer to know how electrical charges release and in the process produce high voltages that in turn rip the air creating the sound of thunder. No religious text told us how lightning and thunder were really created, we discovered it on our own and when we did, at least one god was relegated forever to mythology.

This has happened so frequently and so surely that now we are arguing not about mundane events like storms and natural phenomena we can all see with our own eyes, but about things we cannot see and sometimes we cannot even comprehend.