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She spent the night in the front parlor and was not present when her husband died — his identity as president overriding that of husband and father. He spent much of the night with his mother in the front parlor. The Secretary of the Navy spent most of the night inside the Petersen House. His diary presents one of the fullest pictures of the night Lincoln died.

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He was supposed to meet with the president the next day. He returned to his hotel room to prepare to assume the presidency. The Secretary of War conducted interrogations in the rear parlor of the Petersen House. Major Rathbone spent most of the night in the hallway of the Petersen House, bleeding from the knife wounds he received from John Wilkes Booth.

Charles Sabin Taft. They then took leading roles in his care at the Petersen House, along with several other surgeons. Charles Leale.

What Booth Said After He Killed Lincoln

My dress is saturated with blood; my hands and face were covered. You may imagine what a scene, and so, all through that dreadful night when we stood by that dying bed. Poor Mrs. Lincoln was and is almost crazy.

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What happened to the House Where Lincoln Died? Explore how its residents fared and how this small house later became a museum with 3, artifacts. See primary sources detailing what they said. Explore more things to save while you plan your visit. The wounded president would not survive. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Jul 04, Miles Smith rated it really liked it Shelves: military-history , civil-war-era , autobiography-memoir.

The Blood Relics From the Lincoln Assassination

The primary source where much of our knowledge of Lincoln's final hours come from. Leale wrote this account several years after the assassination. He's careful to write in a way that isn't offensive to any of the major figures. Sep 13, Douglas rated it it was amazing. A good read A very quick and easy read.

I found it very easy to understand and very straightforward. The first book I have read on this subject. Mar 01, Charles C VanCott rated it it was amazing. Living History This short essay gives the account of the first physician to treat President Lincoln on the night of his assassination.

Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

It puts you in Lincoln 's box at the Ford Theater as Dr. Leale begins to treat the President, recognizing he can do no more than postpone the inevitable. Leale accompanies Lincoln to the Peterson house. As more senior military doctors arrive and take over treatment, Leale holds the President 's hand until the end. I consider this short,compelling work the best rea Living History This short essay gives the account of the first physician to treat President Lincoln on the night of his assassination. I consider this short,compelling work the best read I ever found for my Kindle.

Charles Leale's personal account of the last hours of Abraham Lincoln's life is moving, fascinating and quite thoughtfully written. It reads surprisingly well as a book, though it was originally written by the author as a speech in observance of the one hundredth anniversary of the birth of the slain president. Make no mistake, this is an intensely interesting and very personal piece of historical writing that is an invaluable first hand look at the night Lincoln was mortally wounded by John Dr.

Make no mistake, this is an intensely interesting and very personal piece of historical writing that is an invaluable first hand look at the night Lincoln was mortally wounded by John Wilkes Booth. The day Lincoln was assassinated. A touching, but very honest record of President Lincoln's last hours of his life by the physician who responded first at his mortal attack in the theater and never left his side until his death the following morning. Star rating 10 The day Lincoln was assassinated.

Interesting and "different. I've always been interested in finding out what "really" happened at The Ford Theatre, during the remainder of that night, and beyond. It was, and it peaked my interest to go sleuthing for more information about this subject. If an Interesting and "different.

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If anyone has any recommendations, I'd love to hear from you. Shelves: short-history-president-lincoln. I read this accounting in about 20 minutes. It's a brief, concise accounting of the surgeon who attended President Lincoln during his final hours before succumbing to the mortal gunshot wound to the head. I enjoyed how the surgeon set the stage a few moments before President Lincoln was shot, the 9. I felt the the surrealness, panic, excitement, and sadness that Dr.

Leale felt. This of course is a I read this accounting in about 20 minutes. This of course is a story from the surgeon's point of view.

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  6. I guess I thought that when Lincoln was shot, he just keeled over dead. I had no idea he lived for another nine hours. This transciption is of a speech given by the surgeon who was charged with Lincoln's care after he was shot - telling how he came to be at the theater that night, how the assassination and subsequent events unfolded, how Lincoln was moved to a nearby home and his final hours of life. Sixteen short pages, but well worth the time and reading. I never knew all the details nor search that went on for John Wilkes Booth.

    It was a huge conspiracy. He almost got away with it. His features were calm and striking. While her husband lay dying in the backroom, a grieving Mary Lincoln remained in the front parlor room surrounded by a few friends. During the evening, a distraught Mrs.

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    Lincoln sent a messenger out to find Elizabeth Keckley , her seamstress and confidante. Anderson R. Keckley to the Petersen House. Most did not linger, but some remained steadfast including Secretary of War Edwin Stanton, Senator Charles Sumner of Massachusetts and several surgeons who had been attending to the dying President throughout the evening.

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    At A. M the next morning, Lincoln breathed his last breath. After Lincoln died, his body was placed in a temporary coffin covered with the American flag and returned by hearse to the White House where an autopsy was conducted and funeral preparations were begun. Many of the people outside, who had kept vigil throughout the night, found their way inside the Petersen house to catch a glimpse of the place where their beloved President had died. On that fateful night in April , a simple family owned boarding house, became the resting place for a dying President and a symbol of the pain, sacrifice and sorrow of the American Civil War.

    Learn more about the autopsy of President Abraham Lincoln.