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The factors that are involved in the influence of the sound i. A role and the significance of the music in human history with the emphasis on the music into healing purposes are presented. Different models that are used worldwide in musical therapy are described. The significance of late-baroque and classic music Mozart effect , individual sounds, instruments, singing is emphasized. In the conclusion some basic directives for work, approach to the search and choice of the healing music for different circumstances in life are presented. The necessity of professional work in the field of music therapy and the significance of including musical therapy into the study programs of universities are emphasized.

Current Issue Site Map Contributors. About Contact Us. Use of JavaScript is recommended for this site. Poetry Tony Brinkley Gomorrah. Joseph Hutchison Mastery Sustenance. Robert Lietz Getting Out and Afterward. Rebecca Reynolds Epistle False Asphalt. Lee Sharkey It Arrives. Ray Succre Medicene Additional Features. Maryanne Hannan Why Remember? Paulette Licitra Dinner at Home. Josip Novakovich Apnea. Quan Barry Freedom, WI. Receptors of our health are contained in our mind and way of life.

Self-knowledge through life leads to a better lifestyle. Buddhist meditation is widely used by the level of development in Freemasonry. People seeking healing meditation should not be given guarantees of safe recovery because meditation is individual character and do not accept it all the same way.

It should encourage development of spiritual learning globally.

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Mutual respect of all world religions and permits the application of learning without restrictions. Rejection of globalism to appear. CHAPTER VI: Parameters of Spiritual Living This section will be developed certain parameters spiritual life as ego and spiritual level, focus on happiness and spiritual level, spiritual practice and spiritual level, the psychological emotions and spiritual level, spiritual emotion and spiritual level.

The idea could be incorporated in several segments, such as good feeling, a good attitude to life, the ability to cope with the problems of man, the more the level of understanding of life, raising awareness, and more. In this chapter it will be explained how self-awareness, meditation and spiritual lifestyle true Dharma can affect the physical and psychological condition of people.

It will be explained in what way and to what extent, meditation can heal. Modern meditation shall mean the exclusive tranquility, peace, posture. There are studies that give a presumption that in certain higher levels of meditation can be practiced and during some activities. It is, among other things, modern meditation thus adapted to the present time.

Is it positive or negative, will be discussed in the chapter. It will be explained to electromagnetic energy field that surrounds all living things. Given that the colors and patterns of the aura represent the imprint of the human soul, the aura can give us many answers on what is now and what before us.


This chapter applies to a civil necessity, the necessity for changes due to rapid technological progress, and the loss of humanity in people. This section will contain a lot of evidence to show the direction and the need for the development of spirituality and belief in what lies within us, the mirror of conscience. In this chapter I will present personal reasons for selecting these issues and the experiences that I have gained through the years by various organizations and finally within Freemasonry.

Personally I see the usefulness of Buddhism and meditation who taught me through the Masonic degrees for me to know myself better, to understand myself and improve myself, to open new horizons in front of me. One of these horizons is this thesis and therefore the subject mentioned in the thesis. Because, when activated the "hot spots", I became second, even better person, so I need to present the thesis positively influence mine surroundings and anyone who is interested.

Also, I have a great need to express how greatly the subject of this thesis affects the whole of humanity, that will be set up certain opinions that should be compared to the current situation. Based on the above would be a clear connection and widespread Buddhist teachings in societies that are still guided by the ancient knowledge and teachings. Combining the philosophy of Buddhism, we strive to create a way of life in which we will reach peace in us and understanding. If we go that spiritual development, we will create one of us better people.


In this section it will be shown the philosophical aspects of Buddhist meditation and profound significance that has Buddha's path of recollection and attention satipatthana. Buddhist meditation and her philosophy of simplest through aspiration for methods that represent the simplest, most direct and the most effective way of training and development of those parts of the mind that are necessary for everyday tasks, and problems that face the mind and finding solutions to achieve the highest goal, and that is the eradication of greed, hatred and delusion.

Buddha's teaching offers a wide range of methods of mental practice and forms of meditation that are adapted to different types of people in accordance with the needs that there is any different from person to person. We will see to all the methods in the time of recollection and attention that which Teacher called only wright way ekayano maggo , so that about that time we can call the the bottom line of Buddhist meditation or essence of all Buddha's teachings dhamma - hadaya. It represents the heart of the whole blood that pulses through the body of teaching and learning dhamma - kaya.

The ancient way of recollection is also very usable today as much as years ago thousands of, and his weight is evenly strong influence both on the East and West, in everyday life, as well as monks lifestyle.

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The right composure is correctness for a quality life and at any moment, wherever we are and in what situation. That's the magic of Buddhist meditation. At the beginning of the Buddha's Speech, explains its a lofty goal was made overcoming suffering and despair works disappearance of pain.

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Suffering is a human experience, and therefore represents life of all people. From the very beginning, that way the correct recollection it very visible results through winning the suffering in many individual cases. Such practical results in terms of the General satisfaction have a vital importance for everyone, we need to add effective help in mental development. The true purpose of the Satipatthana reflected in complete relief of pain, and it is also the highest goal of Buddha's teachings-nibbana. Direct progression to it provides, but of course it satipatthana involves constant meditative effort focused on a few selected objects recollection of attention.

Below will be given to the opening instructions for such a practice. Buddha's "Speech about the foundations recollection of attention" Satipatthana-sutta is a shade two places among Buddhist Scriptures: 1. As the twenty-second speech in the collection long speeches " Digha nikaya where he wears the title of Maha-satipatthana-sutta, or " Differences in the amount of attention memories". The first is from another varies only in detailed consideration of the four noble truths. In a river hours-patthana, the first word sanskr.

However, Buddhist usage, particularly in fire lyrics, rare retains this meaning memory of past events. Instead, it most often refers to the present and as a general psychological term has the meaning of attention or. Even more common is its use in the Pali texts is restricted to the type of according to the Buddhist teachings of good, desirable or correct kusala.

The second part of the word, patthana, stands for upatthana, the precise meaning "mind", or maintain it at present, vigilance and its stability. In the sanskrit version is probably very old, Speech title is Smrti-Upasthana-Sutra. In view of the previous explanations, the title could be translated as "Remembering attention". There are several variants of the insights on the title, and mention the four objects body, etc. It is very useful if we own works word Satipatthana more widely among Buddhist readers of literature in the West, such as in case with say kamma karma , dhamma, etc.

The oldest layer of these comments is emerging at a time when it grew and just learning. However, the original of these old comments Buddhist Pali Canon in IV century of our era no longer exist. The version that is used as a help for the writing of this thesis is the translation of the translation, and it is perhaps reworking an earlier version written on Sinhalesc which was found in Sri Lanka.

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This returns policy learning was created thanks to the great scholar and commentator from the IV century BC Budagosi who in addition to illustrated story hasn't added more than a few comments to those that already exist in the Seilon tradition. Those who want to learn in Buddhism need special attention to "way of memories" Colombo, who is the author of Grand Mahathera. Besides direct importance about the subject that write, comment contains a great deal of information about different aspects of Buddha's teachings, with a large number of stories in which painted is great and heroic way.

Nedostupna ap.

The monks in ancient times been contacted recently on the only route, with valuable details about their unique lives. In Sri Lanka, for example, when at the time of the full moon pious followers of respect Eight of the ten basic rules that apply to only monks and remain days in the monastery, often choose this Sutta that read, recite, listen and think about it. Also, in many homes is a book with the Satipatthana Sutta carefully wrapped in a piece of clean cloth from time to time, in the evening, reads other family members.