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Promised to Another (#03 in The Amish Of Seymour County Series)

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Especially Joshua Esh. Is that you? She jumped. She recognized that voice. Not in a month of Singings. She frowned. Annie planted her fists on her hips. And a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. She pulled in a deep breath, steeling herself. She stilled, hope building, despite her internal warnings. Not for gut, then. The pencil fell from behind her ear and she stooped to pick it up, careful not to glance at him as she rose. She winced, hating that he mocked her.

Maybe even the initials of her number one dream guy.

He sighed. Looks like things are breaking up.

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Maybe another time? Luke laughed. I heard how popular you are. Annie stiffened. Someone moved up beside her, and she glanced that way. What she did notice was that everyone had gathered around her and Luke, watching their exchange. She was in enough trouble, only allowed to continue teaching on probation. All she needed was for one of these eavesdroppers to go home and tell their folks.

She searched for something to say, something to diffuse the situation. He sneered, then backed up a space. Good to see ya, Annie. She forced a smile. He turned and disappeared into the darkness. Joshua stood beside Annie for a moment. Wishing he could say something that would be a salve to her hurt. He felt the pain radiating from her as she watched the red-headed man walk away. That whole situation confused him. Off limits. All but engaged to Luke Schwartz. And that Luke had vowed to return for her again someday.

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Apparently that day was now. He only knew what he wanted it to mean.

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Templates online. A Few Questions For Laura:. Do you think there are a few people across the many denominations of Christianity that also walk this tightrope? Oh, absolutely. There are so many unchurched people in the world — and at one time most people attended…. What is it about these stories that capture your heart? What do you hope to offer your readers in your stories? I love contemporary romances and Amish romances, and always did want to be a writer.

They say to write what you love. I hope I give my readers an escape from the pressures of their world, and a brief glance into the life of my characters. Do you still do all the laundry? Actually, yes, I do. But all the kids know how. And I learn from reading them.

Have you found yourself giving out any Mommy-advice to your kids through the years and then actually using this same advice on yourself regarding publication?

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Laura Hilton, her husband, Steve, and their five children make their home in Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas. Her two oldest children are homeschool graduates and are in college. Language eng. Extent pages. Isbn Hilton Title variation Amish of Seymour bk. Label Promised to another : a novel, Laura V.

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