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By and large the author appears not to view usefulness as being important in defining creativity, for what is "useful" about the sort of aesthetic achievement he sees in Ray's films or Woolf's decadent and deeply flawed novels? There is also a strong bias in the author for what is viewed as the last or current world when it comes to scientific truths, which allows Darwin to be seen as a genius as well as Einstein but not Newton.

This book has a lot of problems, and even though the author achieves his goal of demonstrating that creative breakthroughs take a lot of time and effort, the author's delving into demonology makes it a book that ought to actively discourage people from seeking to become geniuses of the sort that he would recognize. Feb 08, brian dean rated it really liked it. In Sudden Genius; the gradual path to creative breakthroughs, Robinson explores the lives of ten geniuses; five scientists and five artists, to see if he can find any common threads to how, why and what makes a genius.

He starts by spending some time explaining his definition of 'genius', which isn't easy. He settled on the ten in his book as they are all considered geniuses even if what a genius is is not clear.

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His research showed that they were measuring something, but it wasn't precisely creativity. He wrote that subjects who took the test years apart typically scored the same but that a high score on the test did not make the subject particularly creative in real life.

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They are quite similar to IQ tests, which have the same characteristics. Turns out, geniuses don't have much in common. Geniuses were driven people, who worked long hours, entirely by choice. Oh, and many geniuses suffered the death of a parent or other traumatic family experience in their youth: "Various explanations have been proposed by psychologists. One suggestion is that creative achievement, delinquency, and suicide should all be viewed as dissatisfied responses to the society that took away the life of the parent.

By criticizing or attacking existing social beliefs and practices, creative achievement enables an individual to develop in an independent, nonconformist way, rejecting society's rules and regulations. I cannot find a link and the researcher was only offering an opinion, but he felt that these orphaned orangutans were not held back or meddled with by adults as they grew up.

Although many scientific breakthroughs necessarily come from collaboration, creative breakthroughs generally do not: "Thus collaboration and teamwork tend not to be a feature of the lives of the exceptionally creative - inconvenient though this fact may be for advocates of 'brainstorming' and 'group creativity' in commercial companies and other institutions. Darwin hated school and Mozart was home-schooled.

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Not on the evidence of past geniuses. In Professor Eysenck's parting shot at the academic system at the end of his study Genius , he writes, "The best service we can do to creativity is to let it bloom unhindered, to remove all impediments, and cherish it whenever we encounter it. We probably cannot train it, but we can prevent it from being suffocated by rules, regulations, and envious mediocrity. And no, I am not killing myself for my son's benefit. Jan 22, Ron rated it it was ok.

Well written, covering much of the topic from different angles, with lots of biographical material, this was actually a good book on the topic, but it's a topic that hasn't had any new material in a while. I've read enough on the topic that there wasn't much here for me. It might be a good introduction for someone else, though. Maggie rated it really liked it Dec 09, Carly Heitlinger rated it really liked it Apr 11, Philip rated it it was ok Sep 19, Barry Stoch rated it did not like it Apr 30, Faiz rated it liked it Feb 13, Jagannadh rated it it was amazing Mar 09, Sesha rated it it was amazing Mar 29, Arsjaad rated it really liked it Jun 13, Kerem rated it did not like it Jan 06, Aldac rated it liked it Mar 25, Tiana rated it it was ok Jan 18, Stephen Ward rated it liked it Aug 17, Bookninja rated it liked it Jun 23, Michael rated it did not like it May 14, Mary Stanger rated it liked it Mar 24, Hessel En rated it liked it Apr 06, Vova rated it liked it Aug 21, Melissa rated it it was amazing Feb 27, John Wysong rated it liked it Jul 02, Andre Luis rated it really liked it May 17, Sarah Crowe rated it liked it Jul 27, Rona rated it liked it Nov 29, Thom Bruce rated it really liked it Mar 25, William rated it really liked it Jun 06, Ayanda rated it it was ok Jun 25, John rated it really liked it Sep 08, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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