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Rex, 36, a Taiwanese banker, moved to Guangzhou, southern China, two years ago as he did not want to lose his job in Taiwan in middle age.

10 things Taiwan does better than anyplace else

And what for? The best way for the Taiwanese government to counter this is to create better jobs and to boost the services industry, he argues. An example would be to remove stifling annual quotas on medical training to create a health tourism sector, he says. Another would be to make universities more competitive to prevent academics escaping centralized, and low, wages. Ross Feingold, a Taipei-based lawyer and public policy analyst, agrees that the Taiwanese government is not doing enough to stem the brain drain.

Whether it builds personal affinity remains to be seen. Contact us at editors time. Unsurprisingly, neighboring China, with its common language, has absorbed the majority.

A tourism-related business worker holds a slogan reading "No Job, No Life. Job seekers look at job information at an employment fair in Taipei, Taiwan on May 28, Sturgeon, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Hamilton and Kao skillfully argue for a new understanding of the East Asian miracle against the backdrop of the move toward a network-based, demand-responsive global economy.


Taiwan sits at the epicenter of this shift. As this book shows, its contract manufacturing prowess provided the micro foundations for China's rise—and Taiwanese production networks are among the factors that will shape the Asian future. How is it that such a small country has played an outsized role in globalization over the past half-century?

What role does Taiwan play in China's growth? The authors provide answers that will interest economists, political scientists, and sociologists alike. Feenstra, University of California, Davis.

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The authors make a compelling case that this transformation leads back to rationalization—on a global scale—in the name of the firm and its profits. By studying the Taiwanese entrepreneurs who built these firms, Hamilton and Kao shed light on the relationship between globalization and the Asian economic miracle. Nathan, Foreign Affairs.

Doing business in Taiwan: overview

Taipei, Taiwan: Academia Sinica. ISBN cloth , paper. There has been a growth in recent years in precarious work in Asia, as in the world generally. In the countries of South and Southeast Asia such as Indonesia, the Philippines and Sri Lanka , work has always been precarious given the pervasiveness of the informal economy in these countries and so the persistence and expansion of precarious work and the informal economy did not generally involve a wholesale transformation of previous patterns, though here too the expansion of formal industrial and service sector jobs have been accompanied by extensive uncertain, unstable and insecure employment practices.

It thus has far-reaching costs that cut across many salient topics to social scientists, as well as to workers and their families, governments, and businesses, such poor welfare and housing and economic insecurity, among other things. The costs associated with the spread of precarious work in Asia have led to a range of responses on the part of workers and governments.

While market reforms and the growth of precarious work have decreased the power of workers in pushing for progressive social policies, there are signs of growing worker resistance and trade union activism in some Asian countries to the spread of precarious work and economic inequality or at least to mitigate some of their more negative consequences.

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