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They are both slightly serious-minded and very alike in terms of what they like to do and see, and they are not at all lovey dovey. During their five-day stopover - while Sarah Jessica Parker was dining out at paparazzi-infested restaurants - they quietly visited Camden Market and Primrose Hill, having been advised by friends that they should enjoy the views of London from the top of the hill.

Most nights, though, they stayed in and dined in the Art Deco splendour of their hotel, the better to sail under the radar.

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Sources suggest that one night there was talk of visiting a gay bar - Cynthia's children are back in New York being cared for by their father, so this is by way of a romantic mini-break - but in the end the two women were worried about being pictured and retired to their hotel as usual. What can be said with certainty is that Cynthia Nixon's unconventional domestic arrangements are kept as discreet as possible.

This may well be in deference to the big cheeses at New Line film studios who have invested heavily in the movie and need to preserve the fiction that their stars are single thirty-something friends on a romantic adventure, and not a disparate bunch of women in their 40s who don't have a lot of time for each other. With her co-stars: The women left their partners behind to keep up the film's image of single women about town. One imagines that open displays of affection between two women could rather puncture the illusion, too.

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And so, on Monday night, Cynthia Nixon was left to walk the red carpet with her three co-stars while Christine stood in the background. However once inside the party at Old Billingsgate Market, though, it was a different story. Marinoni was glad to hold Nixon's arm, and she seemed to visibly relax in the presence of her girlfriend.

She protects her.

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The story of their romance is in many ways a conventional one: they are from similar middle-class backgrounds and are both devoted to raising Nixon's two children by former boyfriend Danny Mozes. They call both women Mom, although Nixon is the one who works and travels, which leaves Marinoni for the most part at home doing the school run, shopping and cooking. It's an arrangement which has worked well over the past four years and they are now mulling over the possibility of formalising their liaison by getting married.

When they fell in love, Nixon did not inform her co-stars of the looming sensation, aside from Kristin Davis to whom she is genuinely close. Nixon did not tell her boyfriend at first, either. He was naturally "devastated" when he discovered she had fallen for another woman, but they are on amicable terms, and he does have access to the children.

She also took her time in telling her son and daughter about the special circumstances surrounding her new "friend", as she wanted them to get used to Marinoni being around. Now, though, they are very much a family unit. Marinoni was a great strength to Nixon when she was diagnosed with breast cancer - although Nixon has said that Marinoni compensated for her anxiety by overeating in a kind of panic. Mostly, though, it is Marinoni who is the calming influence. She has helped Nixon, a high achiever who has acted since she was a child, to relax a little more.

She has also convinced the actress, whose hair is naturally blonde and not Miranda-Hobbes-orange, to consider getting married at the relatively advanced age of Nixon said this month: "If it becomes legal I think we would. It's something my girlfriend is interested in and it was not something my boyfriend ever was.

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It's like if you've never had the vote and then you get it, you're going to run out there and vote. I felt like it was potentially a trap. People sometimes want the gifts and the public celebration of this big love - they're excited about that rather than the lifetime commitment.

So I always steered clear of it. A lesbian wedding would make an extraordinary conclusion to Nixon's romantic history, because when Sex And The City began she was apparently happily settled with her college sweetheart and had spent 15 years being a home-maker and mother. I don't feel like there was some hidden part of myself that I wasn't aware of. But when I did it didn't seem so strange. Cynthia made her film debut, in Little Darlings, aged She was also in her first year at Barnard College, a women-only university in New York which enjoys a reputation as a hotbed of lesbianism, although Nixon seems not to have had an early attraction to it.

Those who know her now talk about a charming, very driven woman who lives to work. Her early romantic life is almost stiflingly conventional. Nixon has said that she had her first boyfriend at 14, and settled down at 22 with her high-school sweetheart, Danny Mozes, now an English teacher. For many years, the relationship seemed harmonious. Literary classic example with Carmilla the female vampire obsessed with protagonist Laura and drinks her while she sleeps in multiple occasions, even biting her breast. Many forget Carmilla predates Dracula by 26 years. Madamede Chelles , the third mother superior in Denis Diderot's "The Nun" , tries to seduce the protagonist, Suzanne, and goes insane after Suzanne starts shunning her, following the advice of her confessor.

Here, Phoebe Dole, a terrifying, powerful, manipulative woman, has been maintaining another woman in subjection for years, and when this woman finally takes steps to leave her for a man, Phoebe bloodily murders the hypotenuse , pinning the crime with diabolical cleverness on an innocent party. She attempts to justify her crime in a Villainous Breakdown by saying that she's defending her domestic happiness, but this "happiness" is presented as perverted.

In Junichiro Tanizaki's novel Quicksand , Sonoko Kakiuchi, a bored, wealthy housewife, is seduced by Mitsuko Tokumitsu, who proceeds to insinuate herself into Sonoko's life and utterly wreck it.

Subtext in Nella Larsen's Passing The egotistical, needy, manipulative Clare, a practiced seducer, uses her beauty and charm to fascinate Irene before setting out to take over Irene's life and husband. Irene eventually murders Clare while still attracted to her. Danvers from Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca is deeply devoted to the titular Rebecca years after her death, tries to psychologically break the main character for daring to try to "replace" Rebecca, and ultimately burns down the Manderley mansion at the book's end.

In That Hideous Strength by C. Lewis, the Big Bad is an organization that employs, among other baddies, a sadistically fascistic head of security named Miss Hardcastle, who is strongly implied to be lesbian. Josephine Tey 's Miss Pym Disposes is set in a women's college of physical culture, where Miss Pym, an amateur psychologist, is paying a visit.

At the start of the book, she has a conversation with Desterro, another outsider, a sophisticated woman with many male lovers, who tells her that the college's stressed students are sexually undeveloped or misdeveloped, since they have crushes on their female teachers and intense friendships with one another.

The naive Miss Pym thinks that she's never seen anything so normal and healthy as these students in her life. Pym: Do you suggest that Miss Nash is not normal?

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Desterro: Oh, Beau. She is a strong-minded creature, and so has suffered less, perhaps. But would you call her friendship for Innes quite normal? Nice, of course she added hastily , quite irreproachable. But normal, no. That David and Jonathan relationship. It is a very happy one, no doubt, but it she waved her arm to summon an appropriate word — it excludes so much. Live-Action TV. It wasn't her; she admits that she had major anger problems but states that her girlfriend encouraged her to attend anger management therapy and to become a better person overall.

However she still has a temper and attacks a man suspected of being the killer. Also featured is a lesbian Soapbox Sadie who, while not quite psychotic, is very loud and rude to every man she meets — which turns out to be a cover for the fact that she's secretly bisexual and dating a man.

An episode of Torchwood had a psycho lesbian from space. Subverted in Heroes The audience is led to believe that Gretchen Berg is perpetrating acts of violence against anyone who tries to get close to Claire, including her roommate Annie and members of a sorority. She also Facebook-stalks her. However, though she did have a crush on Claire, it is revealed that the acts of violence were in fact perpetrated by someone working for the main villain, Samuel.

Unlike many of the other examples, Mickie James was embraced by the fans. It helped that along with being a genuinely talented woman, she was funny in the role and likable. In the episode "Good Night, Dear Heart" of Quantum Leap , Sam tries to determine the cause of death of a young woman who was apparently drowned.

It turns out that the young woman was accidentally killed by her lesbian lover after the victim fell in love with a man. Averted in the comic book sequel. Sam leaps into the killer, Stephanie Heywood, in June as she is being released from prison. She has become a photographer in prison and she documents the events of the Stonewall riots. Writer Andy Mengels based the story on the series' central theme of setting right what once went wrong. Several in the first two seasons of NCIS. Since the second season ended, their problem with Psycho Lesbians seems to have disappeared: In "Conspiracy Theory", the killers turned out to be two women who had been committed to a mental hospital, where they now have sex with each other.

In "Lt. Jane Doe", a lesbian petty officer killed and raped her lover and then implanted semen from an old cold case into her so they would think the rapist had struck again. It turns out he had died a few weeks before the murder. Legend of the Seeker has one in Dahlia, Cara's ex-girlfriend who betrays her, kidnaps her and tortures her into becoming one of the screwed up family again. After being dumped by Sarah, she sent dead flowers to herself pretending they were from her ex-girlfriend Charlotte, making Sarah get back together with her out of pity.

Stolen Child

Not long after that she tried to murder her love rival Zoe during a skydiving holiday by sabotaging her parachute, but the parachutes were handed out in a random order and Sarah was killed instead. Several characters of Cutey Honey The Live. The title character, Honey, is lusted after by another female main character, Yuki. Yuki gets extremely jealous and possessive although they never develop a romance, her insanity builds up to the point where she becomes the main villain.

Additionally, another main character, Miki, initially appears to be somewhat insane introduced in a prison, then slaughters a bunch of men attacking the prisoners; proceeding to become a hero until her death, only to be brought back to life, only to be merged in the midst of a lot of lesbian subtext with Honey to help her defeat the Psycho Lesbian villain Yuki. That's not all, however; Mayumi, a sadist teacher who likes to perform an ambiguous lesbian sex act involving raw eggs on her students, develops a passionate attraction towards Miki, whilst fighting the heroes throughout the series.

In the end, in Miki's last moments, she finally shares a kiss with her. For added wrong , a good deal of Mayumi's fights with Miki consist of one groping the other. She confronts Lila and Spencer at gunpoint in the end, furious because Lila and Spencer are attracted to each other. The murderer in one of the season 5 Psych episodes, who is also an aversion of Nobody Over 50 Is Gay.