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On the other hand, it has been a welcome return to the path of victory for many in Russia who consume or On the 3rd of January the Islamist group first attacked Baga, situated at the riverside of Lake Chad in the north of the State of Borno. They then came back several days later and demolished the entire city and its surrounding villages.

In fact, there is little to suggest that a Third Intifada Despite the apparent deadlock in armed clashes in eastern Ukraine, an idea to bringing together the presidents of Russia and Ukraine, together with their peers from Belarus and Kazakhstan as well as the leaders of France and Germany, gained momentum at the end of last week. Kazakhstani President Nursultan Nazarbayev Last weekend November 21 , Ukraine marked the first anniversary of the EuroMaidan—the public protests in Kyiv that lasted through the hard winter of discontent and brought down the corrupt regime of Viktor Yanukovych on February As its war for state survival continues to rage, the country is in no Even so, we are very unlikely to see an independent Iraqi Kurdistan in But whatever the outcome, Iraq cannot be restored to how it was before the summer.

There is broad agreement that the former Iraqi prime minister, Nour al-Maliki, was a part of the problem, and that his In a case of striking symbolism, President Vladimir Putin traveled to Beijing on the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, as if seeking reassurance against the specter of a mass public uprising. The dismantling of that icon of the Cold War signified a breakthrough in finally achieving Not necessarily. If anything, mounting socio-economic and political tensions inside northern Iraq have been tearing at Kurdish nationalism for the last decade.

The so-called Islamic State IS continues to pose a serious Now that several state-owned Norwegian companies have entered into large and risky ventures in Myanmar, Norway is walking a tightrope between peace and commerce. The maintenance of support for The census results are at odds with previous assumptions and may increase the level of conflict in the country in the run-up to the elections in Norway must take responsibility. Every country needs to know who World War 1 was primarily a European War. World War 2 was both European and Asian.

World War 3 has not yet occurred. If it does, it will be mainly Asian.

Provided the pattern of alliances and strategic partnerships continues to look the way it does today, World War No doubt some will ask why a Japanese constitutional clause is worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize. Big guns have mostly remained silent in eastern Ukraine last week, but diplomatic battles at the United Nations General Assembly have not shown any recess. This time Sitting in Kabul today, watching the Presidential inauguration on local television, it is difficult to say whether we are seeing a new Afghan spring or the onset of a disaster. After weeks and weeks of quarrelling, the two main presidential contenders settled on a power-sharing formula: Ashraf Ghani is the The tragic battles around Donetsk and Luhansk collectively known as the Donbas region have taken a pause, and as civilians try to rebuild a semblance of normal life, leaders are figuring out how to now move forward.

In his first days, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has shown the ability Just 75 years ago, the devastating war arrived to Europe — and this brave Polish cavalry perished fighting tanks.

These days tanks are again rolling — and Europe needs to find a way to stop them. Academia has become its own battleground in the Israel-Palestine conflict. As a scholar of the Israel-Palestine conflict, I usually leave the Ben Gurion Airport with vivid images of checkpoints, separation barriers, demolished houses, crammed refugee camps, poverty, settlements, and soldiers.

Earlier this summer, before the war broke out in Gaza, With the arrival of August, political expectations in Russia, informed by the long experience of setbacks and disasters, are turning negative. Israel is more than three weeks into Operation Protective Edge. With over Palestinians and 59 Israelis dead, numerous commentators have weighed in on what each side hopes to gain from the current violence.

InterAsia Program | Social Science Research Council (SSRC) | Brooklyn, NY, USA

If President Vladimir Putin really thought that the destruction of Flight MH17 with people on board would soon blow over, the White House statement from last Friday must have disillusioned him—assuming his subordinates actually informed him about it. The most dramatic turn in the protracted Ukrainian calamity last week was the decision of President Petro Poroshenko to end the ceasefire and resume the offensive against separatists in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Poroshenko had every reason to conclude that the cessation of combat operations plays into rebel hands, The big picture of the Ukrainian conflict has changed significantly during the last week as this troubled state confirmed its hard-made European choice.

The hundreds of rebels fighting in the trenches around Slavyansk and the hundreds of thousands of civilians, who are trying to make sense out of the violent Problems during the World Cup might end up being be her political downfall.

Top 10: PM Modi to take part in ASEAN, East Asia Summit during 3-day Philippine visit

With the World Cup underway, the eyes of the world are on the football in Brazil. Off the field though, the Much can be learned by comparing these events and looking at similar uprisings in other countries. This comparison clearly shows the important role played by security forces in determining whether brutal repression or successful regime change will follow.

A new UN report blames the Taliban for a sharp rise in violence against civilians. The Taliban are an organized fighting force. They combine a relatively strong central command with a networked structure in which each of the various factions operate with considerable independence.

Establishing control over certain territories has been A solution to the longstanding Cyprus problem could raise per capita incomes by approximately EUR 12,, expand the size of the economy by around EUR 20 bln and add on average 2.


The traditional elite clings to an outdated world view. But a military coup offers no solution. Three people, including a five-year-old child, were killed, and approximately 60 people injured. These days, the Business for Peace Symposium is happening in Oslo. Business leaders from all over the world are gathered to discuss how business can contribute to peace and hinder conflict. In April, hundred million people began casting their ballots all across India in the largest election the world has ever seen.

When we think of voting in India, we often picture a poor elderly villager showing a big ink-stained thumb and boasting a wide smile as proof of democracy This week, an Egyptian court sentenced defendants to death after a two-day trial. Whatever the consequences this farcical trial will have As I prepare for the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan political violence of i. One of the foundational concepts of good democratic governance is that of a separation of powers.

It is coming: the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan violence of i. In , the Orange Revolution If carried out properly it may provide reliable data to be used not just by the government, but also by civil society organizations and political parties, as a basis for negotiating the The grassroots popular resistance movement in the West Bank continues its strategy of reclaiming Palestinian land to highlight how Israel slowly annexes big parts of the West Bank. This time they did not establish a new village, like the case was in early , with Bab al-Shams and its offshoots.

The Syrian refugee crisis has been heartbreaking to watch. According to the United Nations, over 2. However, does the influx of Democracy is to a large extent about parties being willing to accept electoral defeat. In Nepal the Maoist Party, previously engaged in guerrilla warfare, has done precisely this. A wave of election boycotts is sweeping across Asia. In the wake of the power struggle between the political elites in Thailand, we are now seeing a popular uprising.

The streets are filled with Thai flags and demands that the prime minister, Yingluck Shinawatra, must step down. The South Sudan crisis becomes more difficult to solve by the hour. The window of opportunity to avoid a full scale civil war is rapidly closing. But, finding a viable solution is dependent on a precise diagnosis of core issues involved. Read more at the blog of the Norwegian Centre Over the last few years I have encountered a number of professional Western diplomats who express their disbelief in any serious Israeli intention of achieving peace with the Palestinians. To be sure, these diplomats also fault the Palestinian leadership for their ability to bungle almost any initiative and opportunity they The recent crackdown on the Golden Dawn, the extreme right political party in Greece, met with a mixture of feelings on the part of the general Greek public: relief, exaltation, impatience, frustration, uncertainty, even fear.

It was also surrounded with a number of questions. For some, just why? For most, Regions and Powers. The evolving character of conflicts and the experiences in preservation of peace in several dynamic regional settings 2. The expanding interests of non-Western state-actors and their ambitions for altering the agenda on major international affairs. How are the regional powers using their growing economic and political might for gaining global profile and challenging Western dominance?

How do history and culture shape regional patterns of political contestation and non intervention in conflicts? Are transnational militant groups in their own right posing a fundamental threat to existent states, or is the effectiveness of such groups a reflection of their alliances with state actors? How did the long peace in East Asia emerge in the s and what are the factors sustaining or eroding it?

Could Russia and Turkey forge a meaningful partnership for maximizing their impact on conflict development in the Middle East and the Black Sea area? What means could be used for managing the unique concentration of inter-state conflicts and civil wars in the Caucasus? How do regional powers and organizations interact with the United Nations during periods of conflict and post-conflict intervention?

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