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You can find out more about Baja Wine and Sun Tours here. To make sure you get there, you might want to book a tour. You can book a ziplining adventure here. This is where I stayed. Not something you want to do when you have over km of road to traverse. I think I saw one taco shack in the rearview mirror.

Out of season, most visitors roll in for the night and are out by the first light of day. Apparently, the whales in this part of Baja are different — they initiate and court human attention, making this experience all the more special. Next time I take a Baja California road trip, this is going at the top of my list. You can find a selection of whale watching tours on TripAdvisor.

I ate at Malarrimo Restaurant , a restaurant just down the road which had excellent fish and a pretty garden-style courtyard to relax with a glass of wine. Guerrero Negro was the first sensible pitstop after leaving Baja Norte and Loreto next on my list. However, there are a few additional stops between Guerrero Negro and Loreto if you have time.

What is the Pacific Coast Highway?

I can only blame car brain for my decision. It could also be that this mission town is just so beautiful that it became one of the highlights of my trip. Missionaries moved into Loreto in the s and the there is a real sense of history as you wander around the old town. Hotel Plaza Loreto — spacious, affordable rooms in a great spot in the centre of Loreto with a cute courtyard for relaxing at night and an attached cafe for coffee in the morning. La Paz. And within Baja California, La Paz is my favourite spot.

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I first visited a couple of years ago and on this return trip to the Baja peninsula, it was the promise of La Paz that helped me push on through the long desert drive. Take a day-long boat trip and get to explore some of the areas best beaches on Isla Espiritu Santo. The sunsets in La Paz are sublime.

La Paz is dotted with impressive sculptures, usually with a nautical or ocean theme.

The Perfect West Coast Road Trip Itinerary

Todos Santos is en route from La Paz to Los Cabos and absent the very famously named hotel, this spot would barely be on the map. As it is, Hotel California draws the crowds and tourism in the form of tequila bars, restaurants and souvenir shops have popped up as a result. There is significant dispute online about whether the famously named Hotel California in Todos Santos is the hotel behind the well-known Eagles song of the same name. The band deny it and, I believe after legal action , the hotel no longer claims it.

Regardless of the truth behind the song and the hotel name, visiting Hotel California is a fun stop on your Baja California road trip. For the record: It was possible to check out any time you like AND you leave, which was a relief because I had a flight to catch. San Jose del Cabo still has some of these trappings but offers a much more local experience. Just avoid the main public beaches unless you want to play sardines in a tin. I once ended up, quite by accident, in Cancun during spring break… with my father. I know, I know, not one of my proudest moments.